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We have designed 4 basic models but appreciate everyone is special so we have flexibility to give you what you desire. Some will be happy with the plans we have but want something special for the kitchen or tiling, or perhaps a slight change of floor plan. Others will want to design from scratch and may already have drawn some floor plans, so you will know that once you start you then realist how difficult it can be to work with the compromises and ideals. Our experienced team are ready to work along side you and look forward to exploring that creative spirit together that will help make this dream become a reality.

For most clients, visualising exactly what their house or project will look like is a bit of a challenge. Getting your thoughts and ideas across to the designers is a part of that challenge that we hope to make a pleasurable one. Once the creative juices are flowing we will more than likely find a myriad of ideas and ways in which we can translate our lifestyle and the way we like to live into a practical and beautiful safe place to live.

We can help. For a modest fee we start with 3D-models. Nowadays they are cheap to build, and for our clients they are a tremendous help in specifying their requirements.

This is how it works

You provide a simple floor plan and or discuss with us what you think you would like. Tell us what you want, approximately. Just send a sketch on paper, or a photo, or tell us, we are happy to spend time over a screen share via Skype which is great for fast interaction and relaying of ideas. Whatever works best for you.

After we get your initial design brief and any material you have sourced that may help, we will then begin to design the house as a 3D-model. We continue to work closely with you through out these stages to make sure we are on point when it comes to developing your ideas. We can easily send you the model and you can take a look on your PC. Rotate. Zoom. Lift the roof. Look inside the house and then you tell us what’s good, and what we need to change, and we change it. You can do this by simply downloading the free version of SketchUp viewer and this will allow access to the appropriate tools for viewing the model in detail.

and then we repeat…

and repeat…

and repeat again, until you are happy with the 3D-model.

For some clients we get it right quickly. For others it takes time and many changes. however long it takes doesn’t matter, we only stop when you are happy with the design.

The cost for making a 3D-model depends a little on the size of the house and the complexity of the build. A design can be made into a photo realistic rendering which help to convey with great clarity your visualisation for the outcome of your build. For instance you could work away with raw un-rendered images of the 3D model and save a lot of time with rendering which is still very workable and gets your message across, but for some of us we like to go that little extra mile and be as meticulous as possible when bringing our dream into reality. For a simple 3D model without rendering we could usually somewhere between 300 and 500 euro. If you require additional photo-realistic rendered with all the extra landscaping and surrounding details then we would have to negotiate a fair deal depending on the scale of the tasks involved. For a model as shown in the example bellow, which is un-rendered, we would be starting with our basic pricing. For that you would be getting:

A full 3D-model, a detailed specification of your project and the materials used, a materials pricing estimate that will be detailed and very competitive compared to the surrounding markets. We pride ourselves in sourcing quality materials from select locations which helps us bring our prices in at a very good point and adds great value to our build projects.


You get a clear impression of your house, You will fully understand what you are about to build, All involved in the build can clearly see your ideas from all angles, you get a very good estimate of the final price, (with regards to lighting) you can even see the shadows in and around your house, exactly on; say 22nd September, 16:00 hours or any other time and date as needed.

See bellow the difference between a design that has been rendered and one that is still in raw-design format.

The following images are un-rendered but give good examples of how we can get across our ideas for all areas of the build which makes life much easier when finalising our deatailed drawings with our architect.


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