The Heart of the Home

Experience teaches that the kitchen of a home is one room where they buyer likes to have most influence. The fitting of a kitchen can also vary widely in cost so we are providing a wide range of choice.

Our partner in designing our bespoke kitchens is none other than Comera Kitchens, established since 1945. In the beginning Comera Kitchens was under the leadership of Marcel Gascoin. Neccesity, functionality and fun was the topic of conversation when the idea to start the company was first conceived. Marcel Gascoin was an avid cabinet design enthusiast and it was this passion and creative expression that has lead the company forward ever since.

Since its inception, Comera Kitchens has adapted a responsible approach, in respect of its customers, employees, product and environment. All our teams and consultants share this approach and this vision guides all our actions. At Comera Kitchens, we do more than design, build, equip and advise you through your kitchen project; we perpetuate the values ​​that ensure your satisfaction and strengthen your confidence.

By mastering all stages of the manufacturing process, Comera Kitchens guarantees products of the highest quality, so with confidence and peace of mind, we can realise your dream together.

Comera Kitchens furniture is guaranteed for 10 years.

Comera Kitchens mechanisms are guaranteed 20 years.