Restaurants in Aquitaine

There are numerous restaurants within easy reach that should cater for most needs but in this section we will report on only those we have eaten in and consider worth visiting. It is always dangerous to recommend so we only report as we found on the day.

Restaurant Baguettes d'Or
Why not try the local Restaurant Baguettes d'Or in Tombebœuf?

Restaurant Baguettes d’Or (Golden Chopsticks) Wide variety of Asian dishes, Excellent food very pleasantly served all be it a little slow. Delightful outdoor area!


Ajaz Restaurant in Hotel du Nord.

The kitchen here is enormous and is where the company produce all the food for their many external catering activities. When there is no organised function, the restaurant is usually quiet serving mostly hotel guests. The food is good, typically French and served promptly with a flourish. The view from the restaurant is spectacular, over the lake and onward to rolling hills of Aquitaine

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Les Ganivells bar and restaurant

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A most unusual setting with a spectacular view. They do not take cards to visit an ATM en route. Sensible to book evenings during the summer. The menu is limited but everything interesting and delicious. This is no run of the mill establishment and a must visit. The food emphasis is local fresh food in season cooked in traditional style with Valerie and Eric creating a wonderful space for relaxation that will surprise gourmet by both its decor and cuisine.

The wooden building is reminiscent of a lot-et-Garonne tobacco drier or an arcachonais fishing hut,
which gives an authenticity and warmth to the place.


The place is filled with numerous objects collected in brocante and “vide grenier" sales reflecting the 60s, 70s and 80s. Furniture "Formica" imitation chairs, mirrors of all shapes, old advertisements, lithographs and paintings decorate the walls and ceiling providing lots to comment on.

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